The General Company for Food Products, a company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, signed a contract to supply the General Company for Foodstuff Trade with a quantity of (3) thousand tons of edible oil.
The general manager of the company, the engineer: Muhammad Jabbar Al-Delphi, announced this in a statement to the media office at the ministry, confirming that edible oil with the sign (girl) is produced in the factories of Imam Ali Al-Hadi (PBUH) of the company in the province of Maysan according to the highest standard specifications and using modern lines with advanced technology that enter For the first time in the production process, indicating that this contract is the first for the company with the Ministry of Trade since 2008 and came after intensive efforts and negotiations to overcome obstacles and solve problems in order to support the local product and achieve food security, expressing his hope that other contracts will be signed with the Ministry of Trade to meet She needs food oil.

university of Baghdad / Department of Life Sciences pays a scientific visit to the General Company for Food Products