Company Products

Liquid oil

Vegetable oil produced from crud sunflower , corn oil , it is cholesterol free , and filled transparent plastic containers 1,2 and 3 liter capacity

Hard vegetable oil

Vegetable oil suitable for all consumers , made mainly from palm oil and filled in plastic and metal ).containers with a capacity of 5,10 and 15 kg , under the brand name  (Al – Rae


Easy to use , with high detergency power , used for cleaning clothes under the brand name ( Sumer ) also used for cleaning dishes and produced in plastic bags weighing 1/2 and 1 kg under the brand name  ( Al – Lamee ) and the polypropylene bags weighing 20 kg


Used for bleaching whites and giving them shiny appearance , it is produced in containers with a capacity 1 and 2 liter , under the brand name ( safa )

Liquid Detergents

Easy to use for cleaning dishes giving them brightness and shininess , non harmful to skin , produced in plastic containers with a capacity of 0.75, 1 , 1/2 , 2 liter , under the brand name ( Zahi)


Excellent types for all consumers giving fragrant smell and thick lather and produced under the brand name     ( Utoor , Health , De-luxe , Ghar baladi , Laundry soap-Thurayah ) weighing 100 and 250 gm


Tooth pastes

Produced with international specifications , using high quality raw materials , and keeps teeth from decay and gum diseases , it is known with its fragrant taste and high cleaning activity .It is produced under brand name (Amber ) and ( Close-up ) and ( segal ) in aluminum tubes weighing 75 , 125 gm

Shaving creams

Highly distinctive with its thick lather , containing antiseptic for the skin , and giving it softness and a pleasant smell , produced under the brand name ( Adam ) in aluminum tubes weighing 125gm


Used for all types of hair for cleaning and giving shininess and natural softness , and produced under brand name ( Yasmin and Lana ) with a capacity of 250 , 365 , 440 ml

Skin cream

Containing moisturizing materials for the skin to make it highly soft , it is produced under brand name ( Balsam ) in a container weighing 100 gm

Special products for children

As the company paying much care for the child , therefore , it has produced special products suitable for this demands , such as skin moisturizing cream , shampoo , soap , tooth pastes , produced under brand name ( Sindibad)

Heavy sumer king size

The belnding tobacco composed of virginian tobacco with (0.6 mg) Nicotin and (7 mg ) tar, also a good quality with good packing
 & wrapping

Light sumer king size

The belnding tobacco composed of excellent Virginian tobacco in additional to Virginian stems with(0.4 mg) Nicotin and (5 mg ) tar, and CO less than 1 %

Sugar Producer

successfully grown in the marsh area in the south and the results were encouraging in the light of studies that were both beet and cane sugar manufacturing

Dairy products

deemed essential food items for the family

Dextrin and starch product

deemed essential food items for the family