The marketing of the General Company for Food Industries products:
1. Oil Industries.
2. dairy factories.
3. Tobacco factories and cigarettes.
4. sugar factories.
5. starch, dextrin factories.
Through the following ports:
First: Baghdad governorate centers:
A- centers (oils, cigarettes,starch)
1. Rusafa center- nearby to the company’s center
2. Cut the center agents in exchange for fuel station Al-Rasheed Camp.
3. Saidiya center- Saidiya district- saidiya. Alwa Street.
4. Shaab center –shaab district – Aden district – near a shelall market.
5. Kadhimiya center- Kadhimiya center of alnowab Street – Woolen Industries.
6. alameen factory Center – zafranya – saida – almeen factory building.

B. centers (dairy, sugar):
1. 1. Rusafa center- nearby to the company’s center
2. Saidiya Center – Saidiya district – saidiya. Alwa Street.
3. Baya  center- Baya district.
4. Kadhimiya center-  Kadhimiya center street of alnowab – Woolen Industries.

Second, direct sales centers in the governorates:
1. Center Dhi Qar – Dhi Qar governorate – inside the textile factory
2. Diwaniyah Center – Diwaniyah governorate – inside Diwaniyah in a textile factory.
3. Wasit Center – Wasit governorate – iside Industries factory.
4. amara Center – Maysan government – almaymona retail near the control.
5. Basra Center – the ports of Basra – almaqel – oil tanks.
6. Diyala Center – Diyala governotat – at the center of Diyala State Company.
7. Center Babylon – Babylon – hela – alhaytween compound.
8. Babylon Complex – unified complex of the Ministry of Industry.
9. starch, dextrin – Babylon – The Hashemaya.
10. Khanaqin Center – Khanaqin spend center.

Third, other ports:
A- committees direct sales (cars phones) which covers all departments and state institutions and markets
   Wholesale (jamaila, Shorja)
(B) agents and the company granted a discount (10%).
(C) government departments and the private sector and without discount (company center).
(D) are available in the Farabi factory as well as in cigarettes and tobaccos factories belonging to the company and all its lines of print
   Forms (correspondence, memoranda of paper printed the cartoons, cartoon making containers, printed on   Pallet and other printings).